Old Edgeworthstown Photographs

While Michael Pakenham Edgeworth is best known for this work in the field of botany and for his diaries about his time in India, he also took some photos of his home, Edgeworth House in Edgeworthstown. The photos below are surviving examples of his work and make up part of a collection called the Brewster Codex – housed in the J. Paul Getty Museum 

The Brewster Codex is a compilation of photographs and drawings compiled by Sir David Brewster (between 1839 and 1849) –  a Scottish Inventor, famous for his work in the filed of optics (glass and lenses). He is also credited with inventing the kaleidoscope in 1815. He was president of the Photographic Society of Scotland (founded in 1856) and you can read more about him here

The photos below have been sharpend up from the originals which you can see here