Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions we get asked frequently so we gathered them together in this Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you need more information than you find on this page or need some clarification then feel free to send us a comment or query using the Contact Us page

Meathuis Troim is the parish, it means ‘fertile ridge’  and some accounts state that there was a church built here in 6 AD by St Beatan. In the the 17th Century (1619) the first Edgeworths came to the area as a result of land granted to them by the king. Over the years the town grew up around the Estate and became known as Edgeworthstown. Mostrim is a variation on Meathuis Troim and used by many locals and others to refer to the parish/town.

While booking ahead is recommended we cater for walk ins. (please check the opening hours in the Visit Us section). Please understand that if you arrive and the centre is full then you may need to wait. Picnic facilities are available at the Centre or in the adjoining Park.

Across from the Centre is the Green a small park area with a playground suitable for younger children. Please note they must be supervised by an adult or older child. We do not provide this service.

The ground floor exhibition area is wheelchair accessible and has disabled access toilets. The Literary and Historical Trail is wheelchair accessible with some limitations. It should be noted that the Trail crosses the public roads in a few places.

The Centre is a standalone visitor attraction. If, however you’d like to visit more of the historical attractions in the Town we recommend you take the full Tour. This Tour starts and ends at the Centre.

In certain circumstances and with sufficient notice we may be able to accommodate you. Please contact us and if we can help you, we will.

Typically allow 1.5 to 2 hours for the Centre alone. The Centre is also part of the Tour for which you should allow 3 hours. If you are restricted for time, we recommend just visiting the Centre on its own and taking the Tour on another date.

The Literary & Historical Trail is available for pre booking by groups. We have plans to run a number of guided tours during the Summer months, these will be available for individuals to join. Keep an eye on our website for updates.