Key Irish Women Writers “Maria Edgeworth”

Book Launch of Key Irish Women Writers “Maria Edgeworth”

On the 26th of November 2021, the new Edgeworthstown Library hosted its first event. This was the launch of Maria Edgeworth as part of the Key Irish Women Writers series by Clíona Ó Gallchoir. Síona Cahill (Public Affairs and Communication Manager Gaisce/The President’s Award) had the honour of launching the book.

Clíona is a lecturer in the department of English, University College Cork. Previously she already published books, essays and articles on 18th and 19th-century Irish literature. Consequently, she is highly familiar with the topic.

You can see some images from the launch below or visit our galleries page for more.

A critical Introduction to a ‘Key Irish Women Writer’

The new book offers a critical introduction to Maria Edgeworth’s writing. From Letters for Literary Ladies, Belinda and Castle Rackrent to Ennui, The Absentee and Helen. It takes in her whole career and a broad range of her extensive writings. Maria Edgeworth contributed to education, the views on Ireland and its people, and the depiction of women’s experiences and characters. Clíona Ó Gallchoir provides a clear and understandable introduction to each area of Edgeworth’s work.

A video introduction to Maria Edgeworth

A part of our aims is reaching a wider audience. Therefore we have prepared a short video introduction to Maria Edgeworth.

It features the new book on the works of Maria Edgeworth by UCC lecturer and Edgeworth scholar Clíona O’Gallchoir as part of the Key Irish Women Writers series. The book introduces new readers to Edgeworth, to her work and the characters she has created.

For those wishing to access her works, a number of her novels can be read online at openlibrary/edgeworth

Finally below are some images from the launch of the book and the video introduction to the book