Edgeworth's Garden


Maria Edgeworth Centre Garden

Outside the Maria Edgeworth Centre is a grassy area with path and seating and along the walls you can find the Centre Garden. These pages give you details of the plants in that Garden.

Rudbeckia garden plant


Rudbeckia is a plant genus in the Asteraceae or composite family. Rudbeckia flowers feature a prominent, raised central disc in black, brown shades of green, and in-between tones, giving rise to their familiar common names of coneflowers and black-eyed-susans.

Rudbeckia provide a great show of colour in late summer with their plentiful daisy-like flowers. They also look attractive in winter as their stems and seed heads last late into the year. 

Its seed heads provide welcome food for birds during the cold weather.

Rudbeckia is a pioneer plant, meaning that it is one of the first plants to establish itself in areas devastated by natural disasters like floods and fires. 

Rudbeckia is the state flower of Maryland, USA. 

Its flowers represent encouragement and are often given to people who are going through hard times. 

Their name is in honour of the botanist Olof Rudbeck. 

Native Americans used its ground up flower petals, made into a soup, as a diuretic, to treat cardiovascular problems and was given to children with worms. Tincture of the root was used for earaches.

Rudbeckia can be propagated from root cuttings and grown from seed sown indoors in spring. Any well-drained garden soil will do, it thrives in sun or light shade.