Edgeworth's Garden


Maria Edgeworth Centre Garden

Outside the Maria Edgeworth Centre is a grassy area with path and seating and along the walls you can find the Centre Garden. These pages give you details of the plants in that Garden.

Persicaria_Affinis garden plant

Persicaria Affinis

Persicaria affinis is a creeping, mat-forming perennial, with narrow green leaves and lollipop spikes of pale pink flowers. Semi-evergreen, it makes a fine choice for using as ground cover in a mixed herbaceous border, and its blooms are popular with pollinators.

Commonly known as knotweed or smartweed and sometimes as Lady’s Thumb. Persicaria occurs nearly worldwide. 

It can be invasive and may require some cutting back for control. Although it resembles the infamous Japanese Knotweed it is not as invasive. 

The name Persicaria comes from the Latin word for peach because its leaves resemble the leaves of the peach tree.

Native Americans used the leaves of Persicaria to treat stomach upsets and they rubbed the leaves onto their horses to keep insects away. 

Persicaria is a member of the buckwheat family and its seeds are an important food source for birds.

Persicaria can be propagated by dividing clumps in autumn or early spring. Any reasonable garden soil will do, in either sun or partial shade