Edgeworth's Garden


Maria Edgeworth Centre Garden

Outside the Maria Edgeworth Centre is a grassy area with path and seating and along the walls you can find the Centre Garden. These pages give you details of the plants in that Garden.

Penstemon garden plant


Penstemons are grown for their elegant displays of flared thimble like flowers which they produce throughout the summer and up until the first frosts. 

They are extremely popular with gardeners as well as being loved by bees. 

The name penstemon comes from Greek. It means five (penta) stamens (stamon). It is called beardtounge due to the hairy stamen which looks like a tongue located in the middle of the flower. 

The plant is native to North America where it was brewed into tea and used to treat various ailments like breathing problems and digestive ailments. 

Symbolically, Penstemon is regarded as representing strength, resilience and protection. Penstemon flowers are given as a gesture of support and encouragement.

Penstemon can be propagated by sowing seed, however, it is best to buy one of the named varieties(there are more than 250) from a garden centre. Any well-drained soil will do and it will thrive in sun or partial shade. Remember to water in dry weather and protect from hard frosts.