Maria Edgeworth Festival
of Literature & Arts

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Art Exhibition

Friday evening + Saturday morning, 10th/11th May 2024

Date & Time


Midlands Artists

Cultural Kaleidoscope: A Vibrant Art Exhibition Capturing Diversity

From 4.30pm until 6.00pm



Co:Worx, Edgeworthstown, Co. Longford, N39AH64

Exhibition will be shown in the Library from Monday 13th until Saturday 18th.

About the Event

 1.5 hours

We are opening this exhibition from different groups from the Midland area. Dive into different styles, themes, and techniques used by both emerging and established artists. Walking through this art exhibition is like taking a journey through the minds of these talented individuals. You can explore intricate brushstrokes that bring landscapes to life, or ponder abstract shapes that challenge your perception of reality. The beauty of art exhibitions lies in the freedom it offers; you’re free to interpret each piece in your own way, connecting with it on a personal level. Don’t pass up the chance to immerse yourself in this world of creativity and imagination.


  • free event
  • no registration


Co: Worx & Library


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