Drawings of the Edgeworth Family and Maria’s Work

Seal of Maria Edgeworth

Rare drawings of the Edgeworth Family

Touchscreen with Images of the Edgeworth Family
Display at the Maria Edgeworth Centre

Being involved with the lives and times of the Edgeworth family often means finding new things of interest about them, like the rare drawings of the Edgeworth family. My first Blog post in a long time and I have two new items to share.

Firstly I want to share the find of a collection of drawings by the Edgeworth family. A rare book that shows glimpses of family life and the lives around them. It comes from the Rare Books & Special Collections, Hesburgh Libraries, University of Notre Dame. A digital copy of these drawings is now on display at the Maria Edgeworth Centre.

The Album of the drawings of the Edgeworth Family

“This book belonged to Aunt Harriet Beaufort and was at her death given by W.A.Beaufort to Harriet Butler Dec 1865”

Harriet (1801-92) was the daughter of Frances Beaufort Edgeworth, Richard Lovell Edgeworth’s fourth wife, and Maria’s stepmother, friend and confidante. Harriet is also credited with drawing some of the images contained in this album

Besides writing, drawing was an artistic outlet in the Edgeworth family. In the era prior to photography, drawing was a skill taught to many children of gentry and clergy.

Most important, the discovery of this album sheds new light on life at and around Edgeworthstown House. Compared with sketches of street vendors and workers in Irish cities, drawings of the working classes in and around Irish country houses are rare.

“Discover the life and work of Irish Author Maria Edgeworth”

Secondly I want to share another Blog link – Irish Author Maria Edgeworth and her Life Work.  This post takes a look at a couple of Maria’s more famous novels Castle Rackrent and Belinda. Follow the link to read more.

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