Edgeworth's Garden


Maria Edgeworth Centre Garden

Outside the Maria Edgeworth Centre is a grassy area with path and seating and along the walls you can find the Centre Garden. These pages give you details of the plants in that Garden.

Campanula garden plant


Campanula is the type genus of the Campanulaceae family of flowering plants. Campanula are commonly known as bellflowers and take both their common and scientific names from the bell-shaped flowers — campanula is Latin for “little bell”.

Campanula is a popular rockery plant, it bears masses of blooms and spreads over rocks and ground easily. It emits a very pleasant delicate scent. 

Campanula is very popular with bees and,  unfortunately, it is also considered delicious by slugs and snails.

This plant is said to be a symbol of gratitude, affection and everlasting love. It is believed to bring  good luck and protection to anyone who grows it.

The campanula’s flowers are edible and have been used in the past to dye fabrics.

Its roots can be eaten, both raw and cooked. However, the roots were most often used in herbal medicine as treatment for respiratory and gastrointestinal problems, they are also said to have anti inflammatory benefits.

Campanulas can be propagated from seed or by dividing clumps in spring. 

They like well drained non-acid soil and will thrive in sun or light shade.